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  • Mission & Vision

    Collier Mosquito Control District

    Founded 1950


    The health and welfare of district residents is the primary responsibility and concern of the Collier Mosquito Control District (CMCD). The CMCD was created in 1950 for the special purpose of controlling mosquitoes and is governed by Chapter 388, Florida Statutes. In 1950, the district was 6 square miles in size and over the years has expanded to its current size of 401 square miles. It is an Independent Special District of the State of Florida and as such, has a Board of five Commissioners who are elected for non-partisan “Seats” to serve four-year terms. Monthly public meetings are conducted by the Board of Commissioners at the district headquarters located at 600 North Road, on the west side of the Naples airport.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Collier Mosquito Control District (the District) is to provide valuable service to the community through suppression of both disease carrying and pestiferous mosquito populations by & through the safest and most economical means available.  The District utilizes a variety of methods (Integrated Mosquito Management) in a manner consistent with the highest level of safety and minimal adverse impact on humans, wildlife, the environment, and non-target organisms.


    Contributing to a healthy, high quality of life in southwest Florida and beyond by upholding public trust, applying sound science, utilizing best practices in mosquito control, economic responsibility, and an enduring search for solutions.

    Our Charter

    The Collier Mosquito Control District operates under the Laws of Florida Chapter 2001-298 and Chapter 2004-425.

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