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  • Adult Control

    Adult Control

    Adulticiding, the control of adult mosquitoes, can be achieved through aerial or ground application of insecticides designed to control adult mosquitoes resting or in flight. Because of Collier County’s unique ecosystem that includes the migration of salt marsh mosquitoes from outside the District boundaries and the large amounts of fresh-water mosquitoes produced from the standing water created by summer rains, the Collier Mosquito Control District primarily uses ultra low volume (ULV) aerial treatments.

    ULV aerial treatments use approximately 1/2 of a shot glass of control material over an area the size of a football field.


    Aerial adulticiding allows the district to treat areas that are either inaccessible or too large to be treated effectively from the ground. Aerial applications treat mosquitoes while they are in flight and vulnerable to the treatment and also provides the ability to treat large populations of mosquitoes at once. However, there are several important factors that have to be considered in order for mosquito control to be most efficient, such as species susceptibility to insecticide, whether the target species is diurnal (active in the day time) or crepuscular (active after dusk), the proper dosage rate of the insecticide, and the environmental conditions at the time of application. Without this information, aerial application of adulticide would not be effective.

    All adulticiding aircraft are equipped with Micronair rotary atomizers that produce an ultra low volume spray cloud.  The atomizers reduce the droplet size of the adulticide to create droplets that impinge upon mosquitoes in flight and do not readily deposit on the ground.

    The District also has the capability to utilize a ULV cold fogging unit and two handheld ULV foggers to perform ground adulticiding treatments for smaller target areas.

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