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Job Opportunities

Location:  600 North Road, Naples, Florida
Closing Date:  Until position is filled  

Job requirements: 
The Mosquito Control Inspector position is primarily a field position that supports the Collier Mosquito Control District’s (CMCD) surveillance network, larval and adult control operations and the maintenance of its vehicles, equipment and facilities. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 
Primary responsibilities are to survey for and control immature and adult mosquitoes in a variety of habitats to protect public health and reduce annoyance.  Most inspection is done on foot, but in certain areas CMCD’s helicopter fleet is utilized.  Other duties include the entry of surveillance and treatment information into a web based data management system; compliance with control material labels when handling and/or applying these materials; ensure that the equipment used to apply control materials is properly calibrated and maintained; respond to citizen concerns and provide appropriate level of service; assist with maintenance of District vehicles, equipment and facilities.  Training will be provided.

The above duties and responsibilities describe the general nature and level of work performed and is not intended to be a complete list – additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned by management.

Education/Experience/Training Required:
Applicant must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent; have a valid Florida driver’s license and good driving record; posess or obtain a Florida Public Health Pest Control License within nine (9) month of employment.  Basic knowledge of mosquito biology and computer software is helpful.

Applicants for this position must submit a resume and signed application to Collier Mosquito Control District, 600 North Road, Naples, Florida 34104.  You can fax the application to 239-436-1001 or email to

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