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Environmental Programs

The Collier Mosquito Control District (CMCD) is committed not only to providing high quality mosquito control to residents of the District, but to minimizing negative environmental impact from mosquito control operations as well. The CMCD realizes the importance of protecting the environment for people today, and for generations to come. For that reason, the district does everything possible to minimize environmental impact in all aspects of control and daily work.

For example, where possible, control procedures are performed at night. This helps to minimize the impact of aerial insecticide applications on non-target species because most organisms are not active at night. Also, the district only sprays when there is data that suggests the mosquito populations are extreme. This helps to eliminate unnecessary application. The CMCD always makes an effort to utilize wind to apply pesticide so it does not drift into sensitive areas. All adulticiding operations make a point of trying to avoid treating sensitive areas such as wetlands and mangrove swamps, so as not to disturb these fragile environments.

The CMCD is aware of the possible negative environmental impacts that could be associated with control operations. For that reason, the district's research department is continuously working to improve existing mosquito control methods, or develop new ones, in order to protect the health and welfare of the district's residents while minimizing the impact on the environment. The research department is currently working on several projects that may influence the future of mosquito control.

One unique environmental feature of the CMCD facilities is the water filtration system on the property. Because the CMCD is located on the airport, and uses aircraft for control purposes, oil spots on the tarmac are common. During rain, this oil could run off into nearby wetland areas and cause pollution. However, the runoff is instead collected in a settling pond. Here, the water travels through a filtration system, first passing through an oil/water separator, and then through a sand filter. The water is completely cleaned before being released into an off-site area. A licensed waste disposal company routinely removes contaminants collected during this process.

The facilities at the CMCD are also capable of containing a pesticide or fuel spill, in case of an emergency. The spill can be filtered into a settling area on-site until proper measures can be taken to remove and decontaminate the waste.